A Love Letter to Ireland…of sorts.

We have all felt it; the doldrums, the melancholy, the gloom you experience after returning from a long-awaited getaway. It’s commonly referred to as “post-vacation blues” and I’ve got ’em bad!

Don’t get me wrong, I adore my hometown. So much so, I’ve even made a career out of convincing other people they should love it too. I also cherish the opportunity to explore the world, absorb different cultures and marvel at the scenery but often times with a keen desire to return to the familiar. With all that said, this strangely strong post-vacay malaise has caught me a bit off guard. This overwhelming “off-ness” has forced me to take a step back and do what I do best, over-analyze and obsess ad nauseam. After a several-weeks-long journey of self-discovery, here’s what I’ve figured out. It’s Ireland’s fault! Please allow me to explain.


I blame the people. Folks like Johnny, the Killarney National Park jaunting car driver; with his well-worn tam, straight outta central casting looks, quick-witted humor and thick Irish brogue. His unrelenting insistence on my husband and I using his red plaid woolen blankets to shield ourselves against the crisp gale of an October morning and seemingly genuine interest in whether we were enjoying our time there. All that sincerity and charm…the nerve!

Killarney National Park and our noble steed, Sampson

I fault those views. Waking up to the most dramatic of vistas, punctuated in greens that even Crayola has yet to imagine; stretching on in every direction as far as the eye can see. Devious!

Killarney Racecourse

I point the finger at the music. The lilting sounds of pure joy, trickling out of every pub doorway, rolling down the alleyways and pulsing in the streets. The audible sound of merriment around, beneath and from within you everywhere we ventured. Diabolical!

FullSizeRender (005)

The food was complicit. All of those scrumptious meals crafted as if they could have been lonvingly prepared by my very own apron-clad granny (given that she were a little more “fish & chips” and a little less “shrimp & grits”)

The Fish 'n' Chips at Scotts Bar inside Scotts Hotel Killarney

The beer did interfere. From local craft beer yumminess like Killarney Brewing Company to legends like Guinness, we were quickly transformed into Irish beer fans. Downright tricky!


*To be noted: my husband, with no actual training or basis for his determination, but with (let’s be honest) a pretty sizable sampling pool has declared the Guinness served in the bar at The Brehon hotel in Killarney to be the best in all of Ireland. I’m certain, thanks in no small part, to those darn people again. Crafty!


Even though you’ve put me in this quite difficult position, I choose to forgive you, Ireland. Perhaps, once I’ve had some time to heal, I will even visit again… and, again.

So now that you’re reading this, consider yourself duly warned. If you choose to make the foolhardy decision to visit the glorious Emerald Isle, be prepared to deal with the beautiful aftermath.


13 thoughts on “A Love Letter to Ireland…of sorts.

  1. As an Irish Immigrant I must say I really enjoyed your depiction of my homeland. Ireland was fairly devastated after world war two as indeed most of Europe was. It took many years to get back on track echoically, however now Thank God we are one of the most economically sound in Europe.Tech wise we are probably the most advanced in Europe.Glad to hear you got to experience the beauty and people of a wonderful country.

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  2. I was there in the 80’s with my two young daughters. I have such vivid memories of the wonderful, warm people and the breathtaking landscape and store precious memories of that time in my heart.

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  3. My daughter went for a weekend when she studied a semester in Winchester England. She warned me I would fall in love. I went for 2 weeks in September. I was ready to go back the minute I landed. Stayed one week in the Dublin area . Traveled to a few surrounding towns by train. The second week was in Belfast. Traveled to a bit there too. From a fellow shrimp and grits girl I was surprised at how much I did enjoy the food. Everyone should experience the joy of the scenery and people of Ireland. Can’t wait to go back to see the western side.

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  4. I too,so loved my trip to Ireland! The people were so warm,from the Ring of Kerry to Dublin I loved it all ! The shepherds pie,the delicious vegetable soup , the castles,and the music!It was truly magical!

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  5. Loved the humor in this post! Very unique way to depict a location! I had similar feelings when I returned home from Tokyo. For the most people, I tend not to intentionally revisit places I’ve already been (because I would rather be exploring some place new), but Tokyo is one of those place I could see myself returning to over and over again. I’m actually planning a trip to Ireland within the next year or so, so I look forward to falling in love with the country!


  6. I’ve not been – but Ireland has been number on on my travel wish list for years. We have a pact with friends that we will all go together when we all retire – it’s close now – but I may not make it til then.

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